I actually love the weather in Alice Springs. I  thrive on the hot weather with little humidity. 

When it is summer, you plan your day accordingly. The temperature is beautiful in the early mornings and at night with the high elevation, the temperature drops enough to have a restful sleep and also very rarely keep the air-conditioning on. 

Mid afternoons you work or rest inside in air conditioning knowing that you will be dining outdoors in the evenings. Because it is dry, there are very few mosquitoes which makes outside living a wonderful thing, I love to lie and watch the stars in the vast open sky. 

It’s a misconception that it is hot all year round. It has seasons, albeit that autumn and spring last for shorter periods. 

The winters can be cold morning and night with very pleasant days (you learn to layer dress).  Even when it is cold because the skies are not grey, but are immensely blue, you find that cheers the spirit. 

Because there is no industry before 1,500 km either side, the quality of the air is one of the wonderful things I appreciate. Sydney born and where I have often returned to, I really feel the difference. I always feel well here.  

Within minutes from walking from home, you are surrounded by some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet and there are many drives to iconic destinations but that is another story …

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Did you know that there are five seasons in Central Australia as recognised by the Anangu Pitjantjajara:

  • Wanitjunkupai — April-May
    • This is the start of the cold weather, when repitles start to hibernate (Wanitjunkupai means ‘hibernate’). The appearance of clouds from the south without rain, brought in by the westerly winds.
  • Wari — Late May June July
    • This is the cold period when in the morning there is nyinnga (frost) and kulyakulyarpa (mist or dew)..
  • Piriyakutu / Piriya-Piriya — August to September
    • This is when priya comes. This is a warm steady wind from the north and west. The honey grevillea is in bloom and animals are breeding. Food including flowers, fruit and seeds are in abundance. A good time for hunting malu (kangaroo).
  • Mai Wiyaringkupai / Kuli — December
    • This is the hottest season. Ngangkali (storm clouds) and wangangara (lightning), but little rain. There is not much food around, and lightning strikes can start fires.
  • Itjanu / Inuntjji — January February March
    • Utuwari (overcast clouds) that usually bring rain. Bush food plants are flowering, and if rain falls, there will be plenty of fruit and seed.

Source: Ausemade - Alice Springs Desert Park

Source: Images © Ausemade Pty Ltd