The arid centre of Central Australia is full of life with an amazing range of plants, from the smallest of flowers to shrubs and trees. There is our floral emblem the Desert Rose, flowering eucalypts, grevilleas and hakeas, desert oak, ghost gums, dead finish, senna’s, mulla mullas, harlequin mistletoe, desert peas, poached eggs, parrot pea, upside down plant, spinifex, bush tomato, quondongs and other native foods. The arid centre is full of surprises, especially if the rain falls in winter/spring, when you are greeted with the amazing sight of wildflowers in bloom… from mounds of Minnie Daisy, billy button and Yellowtop nodding in the breeze, the white Scented Cress and the pinks of Schenkia australis, vistas of pussytail and long tails, and the bold scarlet of the Sturt’s Desert Pea… bursting forth from arid landscape and desert dunes. There are of course many parks and reserves that the visitor can go where they can see some of the amazing plant life to be found in Central Australia. Contact our Alice Springs Visitor Centre for more information.

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