It was what we would call an autumn day… early April, when we relish the sunshine that warms the slight breeze. Casually minding our own business, we walked around the corner to the Kingfisher apartment at Vatu Sanctuary, when suddenly my foot froze in mid step. I was standing on one leg, with the other foot hovering in mid air.

There sitting on the steps to the apartment was a baby dragon. I say baby dragon, but it could have been a young juvenile… he turned his head and looked up at me as if to say, yeah stay where you are… the juvenile dragon then took off.

It is now November… and it was like déjà vu. Walking around the corner to the Kingfisher apartment, I froze again. There he was. I am assuming it was the same young dragon, except he was a little bit older and bigger… maybe a teenager or a young adult… warming himself in the morning sun.

He turned around slowly, whilst keeping an eye on me. He looked straight up at my face and then turned his head and cocked one eye up at me, before turning forward to face me. It was a showdown. I backed away slowly… no point risking a confrontation, I smiled to myself.

I must admit, that having what appeared to be your own private dragon den, is something to be treasured. Vatu Sanctuary is a dragon haven, as I saw them all around the place. There was one on the huge rock on the corner of the property, just hanging there as the world walked by…

I saw one making himself comfortable on one of the many seating places around the garden…

They were even enjoying the poolside, soaking up the sun on the clay pavers, but always aware, one eye open, in the event of a low flying insect.

Arrr… (that is the pirate Arrr), you may well ask… but have you got a dragon’s lair…?

Well as a matter of fact, the dragons at Vatu Sanctuary seem to be making their own lairs all around the place… here is one that was created the other day… I saw it in the morning. By the afternoon, the dragon had covered the entrance over. These holes (lairs) that they dig are for laying their eggs.

Did you know that whilst the Long-nosed Dragon are an arboreal lizard and often seen sunning themselves, they do like to be near water, so they can often be seen around the waterholes and gorges in Central Australia. They have a funny run, when scared, running off on their back legs. They also can do a great little wave, hence their other common name of Long-nosed Ta-ta Dragon, or Ta ta Dragon (for short).

For those young budding animal scientist, their latin name is Gowidon longirostris.

So when you come to stay at Vatu Sanctuary, keep your eyes out for our wonderful and entertaining ‘dragons in the garden’.

More information about the Long-nosed Dragon can be found on the Ausemade website.

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