Over the years, many guests who have walked through the gates of Vatu Sanctuary comment on the serenity and peacefulness. Indeed, this feeling is nurtured by the arts and the expressions of art in all its forms.

Budding artists, writers and poets have stayed here… internationally renowned Dorothy Napangardi, called this place home on many occasions.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
 —  Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

With art in the garden, once you walk through the door of your apartment, you are welcomed by the art on the walls… art that beguiles you, entices you…

Vatu Sanctuary has unashamedly been up-front about the art, envisaged and created in an everchanging tapestry that speaks to the heart and nourishes the soul.

A live-in gallery was the vision of the owner Roslyn Premont. Those who know her, will understand that much thought and care has always been at the forefront in the placement of each work on the wall. An understanding of the space, the light and ambience of the room, the flow of the home. 

From a small delicate work of artists such as BIlly Benn, the masculine statement of Vincent Forrester and the raw boldness of Dr George, who was a Maparn (traditional healers) for his people, speaks volumes in a sanctuary.

There is also the fun and quirkiness of Linda Syddick and Kukula; the bold colourful statements of Mitjili, the ‘whole lot’ works of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, to the ground-breaking minimalist works of Dorothy Napangardi.

And whilst we are living in the heart of the beating country of the Aboriginal Art movement, other artists, locally and from the wider oceanic region were also proudly on show. Artists such as Linda Jackson and Rusiate Lali still hang on the walls of the sanctuary. Rusiate’s works adorn the rollerdoors and walls within, announcing that this is no ordinary place.

The creative aura that imbues the sanctuary, has seen many connections and events become part of its history. From having the film crew of Samson and Delilah take over the sanctuary as their Alice Springs base, to modernist reality shows such as The Bachelor, USA.

Of course there have been a few real ‘tie the knot’ and commitment ceremonies held here…

And among the smorgasbord of events, such as the Alice’s Hidden Treasures, who can forget the delights of the fashion parade, swirling pass the pool and cat-walking through the gardens to the Bure.

That undefinable feeling to be had at Vatu Sanctuary, has many of our guests returning again and again, often leaving notes and little gifts, in thanks for their stay. Leaving delighted finds of shells and the added touch to mother-nature with their hand-painted love on leaves collected and nested in natures bowls.

Little drawings and paintings were left as gifts by their children. One such delight was Olivia who celebrated her birthday and did a drawing for Colin of the goldfish in the pond. They had such a good time that they returned and Olivia this time did a painting for Colin of the goldfish in the pond… moments that are treasured by us here at Vatu Sanctuary.

Now if we can only bottle it…

Many artists have been displayed on the walls of Vatu Sanctuary including some of the following:

The Guardians of Vatu Sanctuary… welcome you.

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