The caretaker who has lived at Vatu Sanctuary the past year is a very keen observer of birds. 

The term ‘twitching’ is a British word to describe “the pursuit of a previously located rare bird”, also known as a ‘twitcher’. Sometimes misapplied when making reference to a ‘birder’, to describe a person who is a serious about their birding (hobby and passion). A ‘bird-watcher’ is used loosely to describe a person who watches birds (although not necessarily a serious birder)

The term ’twitcher’ is not to be applied to our caretaker, who is more than an ardent bird-watcher, but a passionate birder. She has the eyes and ears (because sometimes it is the bird’s call that instantly alerts her to their presence) and her passion is seeing and photographing the birds.

She has lost count of the number of birds (although we know it is over 300 species) she has photographed in her life. Whilst at Vatu Sanctuary, we were amazed at the variety of bird species she has seen visit the property, with many being document on the website Ausemade - Bird Watching in Alice Springs and Central Australia and Snapshots: Birds of a Feather.

Courtesy of Ausemade, following are some of the bird snapped at Vatu Sanctuary: