From the start, Gallery Gondwana worked exclusively with a core group of cutting edge indigenous artists. They provided the artists with studio space from which they could escape the everyday demands of their home lives and community; in the days when art centres were few and far between and when established in remote areas and not servicing the artists based in Alice Springs.

In this studio space, the artists were nurtured, encouraged and supported in their experimentation, as each artist explored the boundaries of their practice. The gallery also facilitated ‘back to country’ trips. Directed by the artists themselves, these ‘back to country’ trips were to significant ‘Dreaming’ sites. The trips provided an invaluable stimulus and inspiration for their blossoming body of works.

Outside of Gallery Gondwana’s key artists and those who they represent, all other works have been purchased ethically through art centres around Australia.

Once catering to the general public through its galleries in Alice Springs and Sydney, Gallery Gondwana in conjunction with Vatu Sanctuary are proud to showcase the works of indigenous artists through the apartments at Vatu Sanctuary. This provides the opportunity for guests who come to stay at Vatu Sanctuary to ‘live with the artworks’, with the option to purchase. 

Catalogues are provided in each of the apartments. Some of the artworks listed may currently be unframed, so we request that you provide us with at least 8 weeks notice to arrange having them framed (you can see our current unframed works under Exhibitions, select Unframed Works). If there is an artwork that you like that we cannot frame in time, we can always make arrangement to show you the work in a private viewing during your stay.

Arrangements can be made to talk with our Aboriginal art specialists. Appointments can be made to view a more extensive range in our showroom.