Travelling in Alice Springs without a vehicle

For those guest who are considering not having a vehicle or hire car when they are staying with us… some of your options for getting around include booked tours and taxis to get around. To provide you with an idea of the cost for getting around by taxis service:

  • A taxis from the airport can be about $40-$50 (one way).
  • A taxis from our property into town can be between $12-$20.
  • If you are planning to visit the very popular Alice Springs Desert Park (the distance is about 9-12 km, depending on the route the taxis takes and the amount of traffic), you are likely to be looking at a fare of approximately $25-$35 (one way).
  • There are local tour companies that also provide pick-up and drop-offs.

Our local Northside Shops include a bicycle retailer that offers bike hire:

Image © Ausemade Pty Ltd

Other options for getting around

Options other than having your own rental car is to book yourself on a tour or to use some of the local tourism services such as:

There are also a couple of car hire services that operate similar to taxis and they know where we are. They can also pickup and drop off to the airport:

Image © Ausemade Pty Ltd

Alice Springs Car Hire

There are a number of car rental hire companies available in Alice Springs, from the usual Australia-wide car rentals to a locally based car rental service.

All of our apartments have their own secure off-street parking.

Image © Ausemade Pty Ltd

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